TelcoNG’s End-to-End BSS/OSS offering spans 7 key domains:

TelcoNG Customer Management

Using our experience in CRM, billing, and self-service domains, TelcoNG’s Customer Management offering includes core functionality that covers the areas of Customer Information Management, Customer Self-Service, Customer Order Management, Customer Billing Management, Customer Problem Management, and Customer SLA/QoS Management.

TelcoNG Revenue Management

Leveraging clouWay’s experience and expertise in the billing domain, TelcoNG’s Revenue Management includes core functionality that covers the areas of Active Mediation and Online Rating & Charging. TelcoNG Revenue Management embodies the critical core characteristics required by a modern convergent billing platform.

TelcoNG End-User Devices

The TelcoNG Device Management and Home Network offering allows service providers to execute centralized subscriber management, abstract service types, assure service delivery, and unify device management for IP-based customer premises equipment (CPE). With home network devices continuously growing in number and varying in type, this comprehensive end-to-end solution is designed to unify device management, automate and simplify provisioning, and guarantee security.

TelcoNG IT Cloud Platforms

As a timely response to current demands, TelcoNG’s IT Cloud Platforms suite enables service providers to seamlessly decouple diverse applications from their siloed environments without extensive reconfigurations, and to provide a single IT Cloud applications environment where applications maintenance is outsourced to service providers, and users can access innovative software with higher interoperability and new services. TelcoNG’s IT Cloud Platforms embody the critical core characteristics required by a modern IT-centric services platform.

TelcoNG Service Fulfillment and Assurance

TelcoNG brings its strong Service Layer Transformation experience together in its complete Service Fulfillment & Assurance suite that leverages more than 10 years of experience in the successful delivery of Service Management/OSS products and solutions. TelcoNG Service Fulfillment & Assurance includes Service Information Management, Service Order Management, Service Inventory, Service Quality Management, and Service Activation.

TelcoNG Enterprise Management

TelcoNG’s Enterprise Management provides a single platform-based, unified solution for end-to-end management, visibility, control, and analysis of all corporate operations and includes Workforce Management, Administrative Services, Financial Analytics, Asset Management, HR Management, and Knowledge Management.