Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are constantly upgrading to the next generation of networks and technologies. As part of their growth or expansion strategy they often acquire other service providers and add to the diversity of the technology domains they have to operate and manage. To adjust to the fast-moving and rapidly expanding universe of network technology, CSPs require the flexibility and agility to quickly adapt and expand new network and infrastructure technologies. Thus, a technology-agnostic BSS/OSS solution that can support different technologies on the customer, service, and resource layers has become a mission-critical requirement.

TelcoNG L2M

TelcoNG OSS L2M address the need for all types of telecommunication services, regardless of the underlying access, aggregation, or transmission technology. clouWay's TelcoNG BSS products provide a highly flexible mediation platform for interfacing with different network elements, flexible charging and billing of any services, and efficient customer and partner management, while clouWay TelcoNG’s OSS products support different technology-specific aspects at the resource and service layers.

clouWay’s TelcoNG OSS L2M offerings provide extensive support for all network technologies currently on the market.

Subscriber access:


  • Fixed line telephone
  • Cable TV
  • Ethernet
  • ISDN
  • xDSL
  • FTTx
  • xPON, and others


  • Wi-Fi
  • WiMAX
  • Satellite


  • Metro Ethernet

Key benefits include:

  • A wide range of pre-configured resource and service models for current technologies
  • Easy system extensibility to support new technologies and network growth
  • Flexible rating and billing as well as efficient customer and partner management for all types of telecommunication services regardless of the network/transmission technology type

TelcoNG ACS​

TelcoNG OSS’s ACS and Device Management allow service providers to execute centralized subscriber management, abstract service types, assure service delivery, and unify device management for IP-based customer premises equipment (CPE). With home network devices continuously growing in number and varying in type, this comprehensive end-to-end solution is designed to unify device management, automate and simplify provisioning, and guarantee security.

ACS and Device Management are an integral part of the clouWay TelcoNG Suite, including pre-integration with TelcoNG BSS, TelcoNG BSS, TelcoNG CRM, TelcoNG BI, and Network Management. This significantly reduces integration costs during implementation, brings necessary consistency of data and functions, and enables faster deployment.


  • Rapid development of QoS-enabled and content-rich services delivered to any device over any network
  • Increased self-management and profile portability capabilities through the use of central subscription management
  • High reliability and scalability for Tier 1 carriers
  • Implementation-proven, standards-based hardware and software
  • TR-069 with Enriched Applications and IPv6/IPv4


clouWay TelcoNG AAA & DHCP has revisited the concept of AAA, and authentication in particular, in the context of a multi-service, multi-provider Broadband Access network. With the current approach taken to authentication, subscriber management is based on static line recognition or on PPP-based authentication. This has become too limited for this new context, where multiple subscribers and providers can share a line, and at the same time a migration from PPP-based connectivity is under way, while configuration is changing to a DHCP-based approach.