clouWay’s TelcoNG CRM helps Communications Service Providers improve service desk operations by automating and facilitating customer support, reducing time-to-resolution, optimizing front office operational expenses, and delivering a superior customer experience.

TelcoNG CRM provides a comprehensive set of capabilities for end-to-end customer problem resolution. It streamlines the initial problem capture process by giving customer service representatives (CSRs) a complete picture of the customer’s account and interaction history, and thus fosters first-call problem resolution. It also provides visibility into the customer ticket lifecycle and enables the collection and analysis of customer feedback.

Capabilities Overview

Customer Problem Qualification & Reception

  • ID customer/Customer validation
  • ID services customer has subscribed to
  • Reception of problems from various sources
  • Problem triage
  • Access to a complete customer problem history database

Customer Problem Lifecycle Management

  • Create a case if needed
  • Relate the given case to an existing case / trouble ticket if appropriate
  • Relate the given case to a workforce management dispatch
  • Tracking of the case, including the related activities
  • Associate correct diagnostic code to the case
  • Case Archival

Customer Problem Diagnostics

  • Determine the source (root cause) of the problem
  • Utilize service performance and service problem management functions
  • Use Diagnostics / Testing tools to determine the actual cause
  • Use a detailed service inventory to create customer connectivity / topology view
  • Utilize the supplemental data to resolve the customer problem
  • Receive service quality of service violation data
  • Correlate events associated with customer contact to determine source
  • Update the case with a “Cause Code”

Customer Problem Resolution

  • Taking necessary measures to address the problem and correct it
  • Utilize resource / service problem management functions to repair customer product / service

Customer Problem Verification & Closure

  • Verify with the customer that the problem has been fixed
  • Verify that the service and/or resource level tickets closure
  • Close the customer trouble ticket
  • Document the cause code

Customer Problem Reporting

  • Generate operational reports
  • Generate customer problem lifecycle tracking reports