The foundation of clouWay’s TelcoNG suite is TelcoNG Framework. Framework is a state-of-the-art, unified architectural platform which serves as the underlying foundation of clouWay’s TelcoNG B/O/WSS offerings and ensures a consistent and unified approach to data modeling and operational procedures. This EaaS-compatible foundation ensures openness, configurability, high scalability and performance, reliability, real-time support, and security. This, in turn, forms a solid platform for next-generation B/OSS applications and allows for seamless integration with existing and legacy systems. TelcoNG Framework provides a cost-effective way of upgrading the back office in a logical, stepped approach.

TelcoNG Framework includes the following functional capabilities:

  • Real-time in, memory data access and processing
  • Robust security subsystem and flexible data access mechanism
  • High performance engine for enforcing pre-configured business rules
  • Just-in-time analytics
  • Configurable end-to-end business process automation and execution control
  • TelcoNG Framework provides fully open APIs that can be exposed through a variety of technologies, including Java RMI, SOAP/RESTful Web Services, JMS, CORBA, COM, and others. TelcoNG Framework also provides full support for industry standards like RADUIS, SNMP, TR-069, and DHCP.

Key benefits include:

  • End-to-end pre-integration of all clouWay TelcoNG products and their outstanding interoperability
  • Low TCO through a single platform for all BSS/OSS components, end-to-end business process automation, and native cloud environment
  • Flexibility and agility, enabling quick solution configuration to meet customer requirements
  • High scalability to meet requirements of all customers from Tier 1 to medium and small greenfields
  • Unparalleled optimization of performance-related activities
  • Real-time support for all business-critical online operations
  • Advanced integration capabilities based on open standard APIs
  • Best-in-class security level