Using clouWay's experience in the CRM, billing, and self-service domains, TelcoNG BSS includes core functionality that covers the areas of Customer Information Management, Customer Self-Service, Customer Order Management, Customer Billing Management.

TelcoNG BSS is an integral part of the TelcoNG end-to-end B/OSS offering and includes pre-integration with TelcoNG OSS, TelcoNG WSS, TelcoNG BI. This significantly reduces integration costs during implementation, brings necessary consistency of data and functions, and enables other beneficial opportunities.

Capabilities Overview

(Operational, Support) Customer Information Management

  • Customer information modeling
  • 360 degree customer view
  • Data mapping
  • Customer data matching
  • Duplication handling
  • Automatic merging
  • Data stewardship
  • Data cleansing
  • Governance

(Billing) Collection Management

Collection Policy Definition and Configuration

  • Collection Flows Creation
  • Collection rules definition

Collection Settlement

  • Build payment plan
  • Payment plan monitoring
  • Manual Intervention

(Billing) Receivables Management

A/R Management

  • Invoice charges from Billing
  • Financial Account Management
  • Bill preparation
  • Payment management

Financial Reporting

(Billing) Billing Inquiry, Dispute & Adjustment Management

Bill Inquiry

  • Balance statement
  • List all invoices
  • View exact bill image
  • List all charges per invoice
  • View unbilled charges
  • Generate bill on demand
  • View usage summary and details

Dispute Management


(Operational, Support) Transactional Document Production

Transactional Document Formatter

  • Bills and Letter Template Formatting
  • Template Usage Business Rules
  • Input Data Source Definition
  • Input Binding Rules to Template
  • Resource Template Definition

Transactional Document Generator

  • Document Information Formatting
  • Marketing Information Incorporating
  • Apply Regional Requirements
  • Aggregates multiple accounts
  • Legend Formatting
  • Send to Downstream Interface

Document Archiving

  • Compression and storage of transactional document data
  • Retrieval mechanisms for external systems
  • Archive maintenance and administrative functions

(Fulfillment)(Billing) Customer Service Representative Toolbox

  • Single sign-on
  • Centralized data entry
  • Customer information dashboard
  • CSR guidance
  • Embedded actions
  • Launch in-context Common Actions
  • Conversational scripting

CSR fulfillment

  • Product Catalog and Offerings browsing
  • Order Capture and Negotiation
  • Order take-over and relinquish
  • CSR access to a specific order
  • Error resolution
  • Jeopardy notifications
  • Orders administration
  • Business / Financial / Operational reporting

CSR billing Collection

  • Collection inquiries – query treatment path and collection history
  • Perform manual collection activities
  • Payment arrangement settlement – Payment arrangement settlement with the customer
  • Issue write-offs
  • Manual intervention in collection treatment
  • Force account into collection / Stop collection treatment
  • Change collection policy
  • Pause / Resume collection treatment
  • Collection agent reassignment

CSR billing Payment

  • Immediate Payment of Balance / Specific Invoice
  • Prepaid recharge

(Assurance) Customer Self Empowered Assurance

  • Account management
  • Self registration to online services
  • Service requests management
  • Service request submission
  • Service request amendment
  • Service request closure
  • Users management
  • Alerts and notifications setting
  • Address book management
  • Access to Knowledge Management database and solutions to common problems
  • Access to call center agents
  • Service Requests and SLA Reporting

(Billing) Customer Self Empowered Billing

  • Bill view
  • Unbilled charges view
  • Usage view
  • Payment capture
  • Dispute capture and resolution
  • Usage and charges comparison
  • Penalties view
  • Address book driven usage view
  • Reports on usage and charges

(Operational, Support) Customer Order Management

Customer Order Establishment

  • Channel guidance and data capture
  • Customer and Product data Collection
  • Customer Qualification
  • Customer Order Validation

Customer Order Tracking & Management

  • Oversees the transfer of the distributed requests to appropriate internal factories
  • Tracks the various distributed orders until completed
  • Provides status on overall customer order
  • Raises jeopardies
  • Create and manage customer order worklists
  • Completes the customer order
  • Sequences distributed order provisioning if required
  • Buffers – Submit an order to be processed at a future date
  • Notifies billing and maintenance when order has been completed

Customer Order Publication

Customer Order Orchestration

Customer Order Distribution

Customer Order Lifecycle Management

  • Pending Orders Maintenance
  • Order Versioning Maintenance
  • Tracking & Logging
  • Order Change Management
  • Ordering Business rules
  • Ordering Activity Governance

(Billing) Billing Account Management

Billing Account Configuration Management

Billing Account Associations Management

  • Price plan determination
  • Shared allowances community
  • Charge distribution to pay means
  • Replenishment relation
  • Billing statement association
  • Charge association to billing account
  • Reporting

(Billing) Bill Calculation

Customer Bill Charge Calculation

  • Recurring
  • One time
  • Usage

Discounts Calculation

Commitment Tracking

Tax Applying

Manage Bill Cycle Run